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Why You Should Try To Become An Authority In Your Niche

Are you interested in establishing yourself as an authority in your chosen field, niche or market?
If you aren’t …then you should be!

man-brick-stairs-authorityThe Power of AUTHORITY

Practically every niche in existence has it’s own set of experts and authorities who get to enjoy the respect and admiration of the community. No doubt being an authority comes with a range of perks and benefits, and it’s no wonder that so many strive to reach that level. Establishing yourself as an authority, the world is yours, and you’re free to pick and choose what you want to do, where you want to work, who you want to work with, and how much you want to charge.

If you’ve been considering giving it a shot, but you’re still not convinced it’s worth all the hard work required, here is a short list of some of the advantages that may aid you in making a decision:

You have the power of the whole community at your disposal

When you’re at the top of the food chain in a niche, getting everyone under you to rally towards a common cause becomes fully doable. Say you get an idea to create the most comprehensive website in the niche – all you have to do is reach out to the community and you’ll most likely get all the help you need.

Opportunity will be everywhere

Whether it’s someone who wants to offer you 50% of their latest project in exchange for expert advice, or someone who wants to pay you obscene amounts of money to come speak at an event, opportunity will be everywhere once you reach authority status. Making money will be easier than ever before. In fact you will probably have to turn down most of the offers you get due to the simple fact that you cannot do everything.

People will trust your word

As an authority, your word will be treated like gold. Even if you have an opinion that people disagree with, they’ll still respect it because you are, after all, the authority. If anyone should know, it’s you. Don’t expect everyone to always agree with you though – even when you’re an undisputed authority there will always be people who think of things differently.

Your network will grow effortlessly

As an unknown nobody trying to get started, building a network can be difficult and time-consuming. If you haven’t got much to bring to the table it will be a very slow process. Everyone wants to network with those higher up
on the ladder than themselves, ensuring they stand to gain something from it.
It therefore, follows that when you’re at the top of the ladder, everyone will want to connect with you.

You won’t have to make any effort yourself, but you will be able to just sit back and build your network passively.

Your business becomes equivalent to a mini-celebrity, a sold out concert or a restaurant
with a 6 month waiting list. Building your brand as an Instant authority also leads to:

  • Easier sales
  • Better quality customers
  • Repeat buyers
  • A constant influx of new prospects
  • More importantly, they will be more willing to give their hard earned cash to
    you and will certainly help your bottom line

At the end of the day, that’s what we all want right?

Imagine What Your Potential Prospects and Current Clients Will Think When…

They see your face, your company, your logo has been featured as an authority in the
marketplace, and around the world in the media.

They’ll immediately be impressed. They’ll immediately be hooked in.  And they’ll be forced to
take notice of you and/or your offers.

When all is said and done, this is a conversion strategy. It is a way to turn more leads
into sales and it’s a way that will lead you to closing the sale and creating more business
easier than ever before.

Why spend a dollar more on advertising until you know you’re getting the maximum
return on your investments?

But First Let’s Understand What An Authority Is

And what authority sells!  And man, does it ever!  Establishing yourself as not just an expert, but the next level and that is an authority, and when you do the whole game changes.

Why?  Because the terms “EXPERT” and “AUTHORITY” mean two totally different things:

–  “Experts” have a lot of knowledge/experience on a subject. But that doesn’t mean anyone gives a damn.

– “Authorities” are experts who have an audience which unquestionably gives a damn.

Let’s Think About it: Precisely what do most people do when they are confronted with an Authority? People listen to precisely what that Authority has to say, but not only that, the authority’s words become’s law.

Most people rely on the Authority but not to just to be right in their field of expertise and or abilities, but to be
completely right and worth following, listening to and loyally defending the Authority.

An Authority isn’t simply just an expert: They are just individuals who stand out from the rest of experts and
lay down the law – their own law – and they get people to accept the idea. That Authority sets the rules and sets
the culture or tone for any industry and or sector. Authority is the leader, not necessarily because they have said
so and claimed to be but because they have great followers and strong supporters.

So What Qualifies YOU As An Authority?

There are 3 distinctive things that establish YOU as an authority. If you’re not sure if you could be an Authority
in your market then here are 3 types of situations that can position you as an Authority. (These work for products,
individuals and or companies).

  1. authority-kingYou live it & experience it
  2. You study it and then teach it
  3. You stand on the shoulders of giants and introduce to your marketplace the Authorities of that market

Goodbye Competition And Hello Unfair Advantage!

In the fiercely competitive world of local commerce, every little advantage and BIG advantages counts.
They’ll pay dividends for years.

Being seen as an Authority, being a quoted expert in the media and having been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox and other affiliate stations is a priceless edge.  This will position you ahead of your competitors and will do wonders every year for your business. When your prospects are looking at you and the competition, they’ll be looking for who stands out more who is the Authority and they will choose you.

Dominate and make your competition pale in comparison to you and demand your prospects stand up, take notice and make the only and right buying decision that makes sense and that is YOU The Authority!

Attention: Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Real Estate & Insurance Agents, Finacial Service Advisors, Doctors, Lawyers, Contractors, Job Seekers, Actors, and other Independent Professionals


Authorities Aren’t Born They Are Made. Become An Instant Authority Today!

Do people listen to you?

Do they share your social media posts? Do they respond to your emails?
Do they comment on blog posts, most importantly, do they buy?
These days, you need to really fight for people’s attention. I don’t have to tell you that though,
you likely ended up on this page because you are actively trying to get people’s attention.

mike-driggers-authority2You know how hard it is! You are probably great at what you do. You most likely have a wonderful product. The problem is – you keep trying to tell people, they just don’t listen. You have become lost in the “noise”. You are just another voice in a crowd of people who are all trying to get noticed.

You Need to Stand Out From the Crowd

Being viewed as an authority in your field of expertise is a very powerful way to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition as we have learned above.

With the sea of businesses fighting like piranhas for the same clients you need to stand out from the rest of the business and create your “Blue Ocean” opportunity.

You need to be an Instant Authority and stand out like the entire US Navel Fleet on the ocean and not someone on a small blue raft floating in the middle of the ocean where no one can see you.

You need to do something that sets you apart. You need some kind of credibility, some sort of authority. If you strategically share your expertise, you can become an authority in your field. By sharing your knowledge, you can become a credible and legitimate source of information.

Becoming An Authority On A Subject Might Seem Like A Long Arduous Process

However, YOU can Instantly speed things up and become an “Instant Authority Now” by taking one single step and that is having an Authority Marketing Agent™ like Mike Driggers launch YOU to Authority status.

Working with Mike Driggers will give you Instant Authority Status with 7 foundational building blocks to “Authority Marketing” that Mike has formulated. He has helped top performing coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and other independent professionals to become “Instant Authorities Now” in their marketplace regardless if it is you, your company, or product/services.

Authority increases demand, and it’s good to be wanted.
Let Mike help you launch to “Authority Status” Today! Apply Below.

Here Are Some Additional Benefits of Becoming An Authority

Helping you to become an “Instant Authority” in your field, gaining the respect, trust and admiration of your peers along with clients and potential prospects is our goal for you! There are many perks available to people who become well-known experts in their field. Here are a few of the most enjoyable:

Opportunity will knock on your door regularly

Being an authority means that people will want to work with you, utilizing your knowledge, fame and
network to maximize the potential of their projects. This also means that you’ll get plenty of chances
to embark on joint ventures, or even just acting as an adviser but still getting a cut of the profits.
It will be up to you to pick and choose among the projects offered to you, meaning you can focus on
whatever suits you at the moment.

You’ll always be invited

Every time there’s a big event in your niche you can count on an invitation landing in your inbox.
Most likely you’ll be invited to many more events than you could possibly find the time to attend, both
as a guest and a speaker. You can also count on getting the VIP treatment wherever you go!

People will buy your products

If you’ve built up a reputation as an authority in your niche, and you were to one day start selling your
own line of products, you can bet that people will be lining up ready to buy from you. All the trust you’ve
built over the years means no one will be doubting the quality of your products, whether they’re
informational or physical. This is one of the most profitable paths to take once you’ve reached Authority
status, and it’s no wonder you see so many authorities in all kinds of niches going this route.

Your opinion will be respected

As an unknown nobody, voicing an unpopular opinion means being instantly written off as ignorant.
That’s not the case when you’re an authority. While people may not necessarily agree with you in
everything you say, you can bet that they will at the very least respect your opinion. After all, you’ve
spent years learning all the little ins-and-outs of your niche, and it seems unlikely that you would be
plain ignorant about it.  Just make sure you keep standing up for your opinions, even if they’re
unpopular, as that’s one of the things that marks a true authority.

Creating Authority Positioning In Your Marketing Is The Secret To Massive Success.


Voted Entrepreneur of the Year by President Bush

mike-driggers-authorityMike Driggers, is an Authority Marketing Agent TM and breakthrough strategist who inspires, motivates, and encourages people worldwide. Mike is recognized as one of the world’s most in-demand international speakers and most requested Instant Authority Marketing consultant.  He has delivered over 2000 presentations worldwide.

Mike is the author of several books titled “Mastering of The Mind Set”, “Unleashing The Intrapenuer”, “1099 Attitude Vs The W2 Way”, “Nothing in LIFE Starts Until YOU Start”, “Nothing in SALES Starts Until YOU Start” and “Nothing in LEADERSHIP Starts Until YOU Start”.

Mike has also co-authored several books titled “Entrepreneurs On Fire” with Barbara Corcoran from the hit TV series, The Shark Tank, “Reach Your Greatness” with James Malinchak from the featured hit ABC TV Show Secret Millionaire”, “On Target Marketing” with Vince Baker co-owner of On Target Marketing Group, and “Managing Your Commitment” with Rick Chavez Sports News Caster.

Mike has owned and operated several very successful businesses, including a Bay Area marketing and advertising agency called Unleashed Media where In 2004, he was voted entrepreneur of the year in his local area by President Bush.

He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, USA Today, Business Journal, Wall Street Journal and the Brian Tracy TV Show.  Mike has also been in the top 10% of producers for the direct sales industry for more than 25 years.

Mike currently co-owns On Target Marketing Group and is the owner of IME Publishing. He uses a no-nonsense, highly focused and disciplined approach to creating real results quickly. He covers subjects including entrepreneurship, mindset, leadership, sales, marketing, high performance and motivation. Mike’s passion, desire, and willingness to be a servant leader has inspired and helped thousands of people achieve greatness within their personal and business lives.

As a coach and consultant, Mike’s is a behind-the-scenes, go-to sales, marketing and leadership advisor for many  businesses. His clientele is a Who’s Who in the fields of
sports, business, entertainment, and politics. He has helped  people from all walks of life create amazing results quickly and hit top ranks within their business and careers.


Mike Driggers is A Master Strategist On How To Position YOU As An Instant Authority

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